Whom do you consider to be "competitors" as referenced in the Contests Terms?

According to the Contest Terms, contest winners must agree to not sell or license their winning Tales to any of Unplayer’s competitors for two years. Here is how we define a "competitor" of LiveTale.

We don’t have a list of our competitors yet. Through the LiveTale Launch Contest, Unplay is sponsoring the creation of original role-play stories. It can be considered a license agreement between a publisher and a creator where Unplay buys the exclusive publishing right from winning Tale creators for two years. Simply put, LiveTale wants to be the first role-play platform for those winning Tales. From that perspective, any online platform or game that can turn your story into a playable role-play experience will be considered a competitor of LiveTale.

So that you know, the two-year exclusivity starts from the Winner Announcement day and only restricts the selling license of winning Tales to competitors. It does not limit the non-commercial usage of those winning Tales on competitor platforms or restrict commercial license activities between creators and non-competitors.